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Who We Are

About Brightgray Solutions

Brightgray Solutions began with an idea so simple, we couldn’t believe it didn’t exist:

Register critical care and homebound patients in a system that tracks their real-time location, status and medical care needs, before, during and after a disaster.


From that simple idea, came a unique technology to:

  • Plan assets to evacuate and recover at-risk patients
  • Track location and status
  • Communicate and store critical medical needs
  • Provide secure access to the patient
  • information first responders need
  • Create real-time reports
  • Improve communication and coordination at all levels

We Are Brightgray Solutions

At Brightgray Solutions, we are software developers dedicated to creating disaster preparation and evacuation technology. WatchPoint AtRisk Registry is our premier solution for at-risk patients, the medical care community and emergency professionals. As we evolve, Brightgray Solutions is continually expanding our portfolio of solutions to more industries in locations around the world.

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Our Origins in Disaster Chaos

WatchPoint AtRisk Registry is a cloud-based SaaS system developed by the founders of Brightgray Solutions in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. When a large number of at-risk patients were unaccounted for, impacted organizations in the greater New Orleans area collaborated with the founders of Brightgray Solutions to create this solution.

WatchPoint-Color@3x.pngIn the years and disasters that followed, WatchPoint AtRisk Registry was tested and refined. The solution was so effective, the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals legislated it to be a mandatory part of the state’s disaster readiness plan.

WatchPoint Today: Mandatory Disaster Preparation

As of November 15, 2017, every Medicare and Medicaid provider is required to implement a comprehensive disaster preparedness plan that includes: a Risk Assessment, Communications Plan, Policies & Procedures and Testing Requirements in order to to be in compliance with the new regulations.

The use of WatchPoint AtRisk Registry, combined with your agency’s written emergency preparedness plan, will fulfill the communication, policy and procedures, and testing component requirements.

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